The list of NEMESIS Work Packages and the partner leading the activity are:

  • WP1: Coordination, dissemination, and Communication (ATD)
  • WP2: Narrow And Controlled Energy Spectrum (NACES) cathode with C12A7:e- as emitter (UPM)
  • WP3: Alternative propellants for cathodes with C12A7:e- emitter (JLU)
  • WP4: C12A7:e- material for miniature Hall Thrusters (EXO)
  • WP5: Operating HET with C12A7:e- cathode with iodine (JLU):
  •  WP6: Ultra Low Power (ULP) cathode with C12A7:e- as emitter (FOTEC)

Figure 1. shows the work logic of the NEMESIS project. The WP2 to WP6 are assigned to the green boxes corresponding to the various links of the chain. The grey arrows show the control loops established along the development chain in order to guarantee quality control. The task of WP1 is to supervise the work flow and to establish communication to the outside in the sense of dissemination of results and exploitation of applications. It worth noting that the NEMESIS consortium not only covers the full development and process chain, but will also address all types of ceramic-based neutralizer concepts. Basing such a study on the same material and device-component processing will help to fully understand the different materials requirements of the four concepts, but also yield the development of C12A7:e technology for the full current range of interest, i.e., 50 mA to 5 A, up to TRL4. An illustration of a more detailed structure of the NEMESIS project at task level is shown in Figure 1.3.2.c.

Figure 1. NEMESIS work logic assigning the WPs (green boxes) to the development chain and establishing control loops (grey arrows).

Figure 2. NEMESIS Work Packages