The main objective of NEMESIS is to reach TRL4 for C12A7:e- technology for neutralizers, starting from the current lower TRL levels, and to analyze in detail future applications.

The additional objective of NEMESIS is also to help generating awareness and to accelerate this new disruptive technology understanding and adoption by the European space industry and preserve and improve Europe’s competitiveness in EP technologies.

To reach this goal, it is planned to drive an Innovation Management Board with the target to identify and launch new Consortia and proposals of R&D&I projects to widen the scope of this project towards higher TRLs and new future applications in the space industry, and also to identify other domains of applicability to industries out of the space market.

One of the targets of the Innovation Management Board within NEMESIS project is to identify new missions and applications addressing space industry needs that are presently not served due to the lack of material performances. More precisely, we have the target to find out 4/5 new R&D projects in the space industry and to identify 4/5 partners to launch these projects under future EC programs within Horizon Europe and similar programs.

The Innovation Management Board in NEMESIS has also the mission to identify business opportunities in industries outside the space market to leverage NEMESIS project results also in other than space application fields (high power electronics, TWT, etc) and also to several launch additional multi-participant European R&D projects with other 4/5 consortium partners.
Any company or organization willing to submit ideas or suggest proposals of Projects/Consortiums as candidates for future new R&D&I projects leveraging on the results achieved by the NEMESIS Project, please send an email to the NEMESIS Coordinator address apost@atdevices.com.

For Project proposals addressing space industry, submisions are expected up to December 2021, while for non-space applications the submissions will be accepted up to July 2021.