1. NACES cathode

NACES (Narrow And Controlled Energy Spectrum) cathode is a thermionic cathode device, using C12A7:e- electride novel material as emitter, that is conceived to reduce excitation and multiple ionization losses by controlling the spread of the emitted electrons kinetic energy, in addition to the common advantages of lower heating power, lower working temperature, and longer lifetime of C12A7:e- based cathodes.

2. Alternative Propellants

Traditional hollow cathode, and new design cathodes, based on C12A7:e- as emitter with lower heating power and lower operating temperature, higher reliability, longer lifetime and a wider range of application due to compatibility with alternative propellants such as Iodine.

3. Miniature cathode

Miniature heater-less cathode with C12A7:e- as thermionic emitter to reduce power consumption, enlarge life time, and reduce thermal stress to the satellite systems and payload with respect to present LaB6 material solution.

4. ULP neutralizers

Ultra Low Power (ULP) cathode with equal or less than 10 W consumption for 5 mA current, and with lower work function than those presently under development for cold cathodes.